Infrastructure management

Edeis is the specialist in site management and public services for local authorities. We are committed daily to using all the resources at our disposal to fulfil our authoriser’s strategy, with the purpose of serving local economic interests.

The management of 18 airports and a port, the operation of a tourist train and the Grand Paris project – all these are a testimony to the skill of our teams competence in the design and operation of exceptional, ecological infrastructures.

For each of these references we are a long-term partner in the service of public authorities who have placed their trust in us.

Air navigation


Edeis benefits from fifteen years of management experience in air navigation services. Their know-how is based on:

  • The operation of various AFIS services for which they are certified as an air navigation provider
  • Recognised expertise in:
    • the establishment of AFIS services ex-nihilo
    • the conversion of civil and military air traffic control services to AFIS.
    • The management of AFIS services in conjunction with civil and military air traffic control
  • Safety policy which is central to their strategy; for this reason, they have established a centralised safety management system (SMS) linked to their aviation activity.


Edeis offers their know-how to support you in the following endeavours:

  • The implementation of AFIS   
  • Support in PSNA certification
  • Key management and operation of AFIS services
  • Implementation of SMS
  • Management of SMS/Responsibility of SMS
  • Drafting documentary bases (MANEX. SMS, training plan, etc.)
  • External audits
  • Regulatory watch
  • Continued training for AFIS agents (including English language)
  • Selective training
  • Initial theoretical and practical training for AFIS agents
  • Safety studies and support during change implementation
  • Advice and studies


For their experience and know-how as the second largest aviation service provider in France.

For their network as an airport reference operator in France

For their global understanding of all issues concerned with airport operations.

For their professionalism that is recognised by supervisory authorities.

For their approach to quality and attention to safety.

Edeis in figures:

  • 13 airports certified as AFIS air navigation providers
  • 15 safety management systems (SMS) managed centrally
  • 190,000 transfers carried out per year
  • 16,000 commercial transfers carried out per year
  • 45 AFIS agents



An experienced airport platform operator, Edeis offers a comprehensive service:

  • Airport planning, traffic forecast
  • Studies, project management, maintenance plan, GER
  • Development plan, Business plan, Layout plan,
  • General composition outline
  • Safety, Security, Handling, Maintenance
  • Airport acquisitions
  • Airport operation and development

Active in the French airport market since 2000
18 airports
475 employees


  • A global commercial development programme for the benefit of every airport
  • Financial and operational optimisation due to the experts within the network
  • Human resources development and training, and cooperation between airports
  • State development and concessions
  • Astute management of all issues and requirements for all air and industrial sections (regular/charter/AG/freight/logistics/industrial)

Our added value

One-stop shop for all airport projects (planning, engineering, construction, finance, investment management, operation and development):

  • A long-term investment
  • A versatile, multicultural, high-level team
  • Membership of an airport network
  • The size of a global group
  • International presence in development


From 2012, based on the strength of their airport expertise, EDEIS moved into complementary segments such as rail transport (The Panoramique des Dômes and an access system to Puy-deDôme) and marinas (management of the Rouen marina).
Due to their innovative and sustainable vision, Edeis’s vocation is based primarily on two major areas of expertise:

  • Management of transport protocols and development of customised solutions dedicated to safe mobility;
  • their support for authorisers in fulfilling and operating their development activities, organising and evaluating space and territory.

To achieve these objectives, EDEIS relies on agile support services within the fields of engineering, marketing and communication, commercial activity, and also within the context of research and development. EDEIS offers a complete range of integrated solutions, notably in the following categories:

  • Engineering
  • Project finance
  • Management and trade development
  • Management of operational teams
  • Administration and support services
  • R&D and operational innovation
  • Optimisation of assets
  • Commercial development
  • Control and management of financial performance
  • Administration and support services