Sustainable Development

Edeis is deeply committed to serving its clients and the world around them.

From the human to the strategy

Edeis is aware that the wealth of the group lies in the men and women who work for it. For this reason, Edeis is committed to promoting their employees’ internal mobility and career growth, by enhancing and developing their skills.

A social commitment

Promoting the city’s development and improving the environment and citizen’s quality of life is a major focus of social responsibility within Edeis. We have the ambition to continually improve our ability to interact professionally with communities and regional and local players, for the ultimate benefit the residents of the area, with a fully effective commitment to the management of our infrastructure and projects.

Client satisfaction

Satisfying all of Edeis’s clients is a strategic objective and systematically targets performance in terms of accomplished missions.

An environmental commitment

Throughout the whole year, we are committed to a sustainable development approach when carrying out our activities, using all the resources at our disposal to fulfil this responsible policy. Edeis also takes into account this commitment in their choice of investment and in all their processes, activities and services.

Our certifications