Edeis is a newly established company, with barely a few months under its belt. However, our group is the culmination of an already long history which we want to transform into a glittering future.

This initiative is part of Edeis’ approach to innovative and sustainable building design, using construction and operational solutions respectful of the environment as well as the health and well-being of users.
Our staff today consists of experts and professionals, and our performance will be linked to our ability to adapt to changes in our environment… and even to anticipate them!

In this spirit of constant innovation, we are looking for professionals who wish to develop their creativity, and join our teams so that together we can generate new forward-thinking ideas for quicker advancement!
In a world where our clients’ requirements are constantly changing, our creative ability and expertise will help us to offer relevant and inspired solutions so that our group is constantly moving forward!

  • Building & Industry

  • City, Mobility & Digital

    • Infrastructure management